15 September 2011

Star Trak Presents: The Eighth Planet, The Neptunes Documentary (circa 2003)

In Search Of... and Fly or Die were two albums that influenced me during my junior high and underclass years of high school. I saw a little bit of myself in The Neptunes, Pharrell especially, because they were different than what everybody else was doing at the time. They were the nerds who could have been at the cool table, but didn't because they'd jut be selling themselves short. You don't see many artists achieve the level of success and longevity that Pharrell and Chad Hugo have acrued anymore. Sad, but true.

PS Back then, would you believe that a young Pusha T would eventually be rapping on stage in a salmon, European-cut blazer next to a suspiciously braggdocious and flamboyant Kanye West at the MTV VMAs 7 or 8 years after the filming of this documentray?

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