06 June 2011

Kidz in the Hall: Here Now (Episode 1)

I've been rocking with Kidz in the Hall since 2006 . I met them backstage at a concert and I thought they were two cool, humble dudes. Naledge is wise beyond his years and Double O is one of the most extraordinary human beings I know. Together they make good music.

Despite the fact that they have been some of the most consistent artists in their genre since releasing their debut album School Was My Hustle on Rawkus Records, KITH are at crossroads. Dozens of artists have risen to stardom while they haven't able to get to the top of the mountain. The closest they came to stealing the limelight was "Driving Down the Block." Good song, but it lacked that crossover potential that would expand their fan base.

Fast forward a few years and  Naledge and Double O are back on their grind, continuing their journey in an unforgiving music industry. Check out episode one of their six-part documentary series. Presented by MTV.

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