15 December 2010

NEW MUSIC: D-Why - King David

David Morris AKA D-Why is dope as hell IMO. He's got everything to succeed. Dope rhymes [check]. Ill producers [check]. Amazing viral videos [check]. Impeccable fashion sense [check]. He's been in LA working on his mixtape Don't Flatter Yourself, comes out sometime next year and when it drops it'll grab the attention of a lot of industry heads.

I'm right when it comes to these things. Check my track record. I don't put music on my blog I don't believe in 100%. I have an ear for this and I've caught on to artists long before they hit the radio or hit with industry cats. Posner, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Chiddy Bang, The Cataracs, Sam Adams, Mac Miller, ect. I'm not gonna put D-Why in that category just yet, but depending on what he comes with on this mixtape we might have the next big thing on our hands here.

This kid has all the potential in the world, and if this is supposedly a throw-away track I'm interested to see what he brings to the table in 2011. Check it out.

D-WHY - King David


  1. Fucking dope!!!!

  2. D-WHY is about to blow up. can't wait for Don't Flatter Yourself