19 December 2010

CURT@!N$ - A Song For You

With so many "rappers" coming out the woodwork, I can't possibly check out everything the internet has to offer. In fact, I am hesitant to check out a lot of new cats because for every gem, there are 30-40 wannabes who put out garbage.

Nevertheless, based on the recommendation of one of my blogger friends,  I just recently downloaded CURT@!N$ latest project, The Killer Tape. I'd seen CURT@!N$ kicking around the blogs and heard whispers of him making the XXL cover so I put the fact that his name is incredibly annoying to type, gave it a listen, and was pleasantly surprised.

It's indeed a "killer tape," but I wouldn't say it's a top 10, nor would I say that it has the shelf life other mixtapes have. Will CURT@!N$ be included in the 2011 XXL Freshmen class? Possibly. If he gets the XXL nod, will he be the most successful of the freshmen? Not by a long shot. But I can tell you that he will continue to put out good material for years to come.

Check out "A Song For You." I think it's one of the better songs on The Killer Tape. I'd post a couple more for you, but you can stream the album through the link I posted two paragraphs above.

CURT@!N$ - A Song For You

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