29 December 2010

DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2010 (Don't Stop the Pop)

DJ Earworm is back at it again. As always, he brings us the United State of Pop: 2010 Edition. This is an amazing mashup. He blends all the hits from the year that was 2010-- Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Mike Posner, Taio Cruz, Usher, and B.o.B were all featured in a nice viral video. Surprised Drake, Nicki, and Williow Smith didn't any shine. Oh well.

So, who will make Earworm's United State of Pop: 2011 Edition? Place your bets now.

28 December 2010

It's The Dean's List : The Drive-in Trailer

My good friends Alex, Mik, and Sonny just put this up on YouTube. It's a trailer for their upcoming mixtape, The Drive-In. Bloggers and A&Rs, pay close attention to these guys. People sleep on The Dean's List, but after hearing a couple of the songs I guarantee this mixtape will turn heads.

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas to All!

The song is called "Santa Gimme" by J Randall. Don't know much abut him other than he was featured in Step up 3D and is signed to Poe Boy Music Group. I'm sure you'll hear him on the radio in 2011. He's got the cookie-cutter radio friendly sound and the right co-signers in Akon and Flo Rida. How could you not come up with a smash when you're working with those two?

21 December 2010

VIDEO: Clinton Sparks - Favorite DJ

My favorite DJ, Clinton Sparks, just dropped the video for his debut single as a recording artist on Interscope. It was a pleasure to meet him a couple months ago at the Sony x Google launch party in NYC. He's a really cool dude and I wish nothing but success for the guy.

DJ Class and Jermaine Dupri also featured on the track. And, fellow Boston JoJo makes a guest appearance in the video.

Side Note: The song playing at the end of the video is gonna be a smash. If you aren't familiar, sucks to be you.

20 December 2010

Oldermost - Lose Your Mind

Not quite sure how I came across Oldermost. They must have gotten lost in the hundreds of songs I downloaded last week. But I haven't stopped listening to them since last Tuesday. And now I have decided to share them with you guys.

Most of you are asking yourself who is Oldermost? Good question. I didn't really know, but after some digging here's the scoop. The three original members, Bradford, Dan and Peter, went to James Madison University in Virginia. After graduating they moved to Philadelphia, where they asked Dan's childhood friend, Stephen, to join their band. Stephen said yes. They decided to call themselves Oldermost, and they've been making music together ever since.

They recently released a self-titled, four-song EP. I'm hard pressed to describe their sound, but if I must, I'd describe their sound as an artful blend of Arcade Fire, Radiohead, and Jeff Buckley. I could be way off here, but that's what popped into my head and I'm too lazy to check if that actually makes sense. Feel free to correct me in the comments section if my hasty comparison if way off. But I digress.

The name of the song is "Lose Your Mind." I really like it. In fact, like all of their other songs, which can be found on Bandcamp. I highly suggest you check it out. It's good indie music.

Oldermost - Lose Your Mind

Bruno Mars - Talking to the Moon (Luis Figueroa-Roig Cover)

Luis Figueroa-Roig is a talented vocalist and friend of mine. He has enjoyed tremendous success as a full-time student at Berklee School of Music in Boston. Most recently he has been recording with the Dean's List on their upcoming mixtape The Drive-In, which is slated to be released in January.

"Talking to the Moon" is a powerful record-- amazing songwriting, top notch production, beautiful arrangement, and superb vocals. In true Bruno Mars fashion, Luis Figueroa-Roig showcases his vocal range and delivers an impressive rendition. The note he hits at 0:42 blew me away. Check it out.

19 December 2010

Academy Wool Pea Coat by Ralph Lauren

Winters in the Northeast can be quite unforgiving at times. Ditch the Patagonia fleece and Northface zip ups for something a little more stylish and substantial like this pea coat from Ralph Lauren. This is a timeless article of clothing, and you'll get a lot of milage out of it. A classic American look for an affordable price.

$299 USD. Available at Polo Ralph Lauren. 

CURT@!N$ - A Song For You

With so many "rappers" coming out the woodwork, I can't possibly check out everything the internet has to offer. In fact, I am hesitant to check out a lot of new cats because for every gem, there are 30-40 wannabes who put out garbage.

Nevertheless, based on the recommendation of one of my blogger friends,  I just recently downloaded CURT@!N$ latest project, The Killer Tape. I'd seen CURT@!N$ kicking around the blogs and heard whispers of him making the XXL cover so I put the fact that his name is incredibly annoying to type, gave it a listen, and was pleasantly surprised.

It's indeed a "killer tape," but I wouldn't say it's a top 10, nor would I say that it has the shelf life other mixtapes have. Will CURT@!N$ be included in the 2011 XXL Freshmen class? Possibly. If he gets the XXL nod, will he be the most successful of the freshmen? Not by a long shot. But I can tell you that he will continue to put out good material for years to come.

Check out "A Song For You." I think it's one of the better songs on The Killer Tape. I'd post a couple more for you, but you can stream the album through the link I posted two paragraphs above.

CURT@!N$ - A Song For You

Lil' Wayne featuring Cory Gunz - 6'7"

I know I'm late with this, but as a blogger, purveyor of all things dope, and most importantly a true fan of hip hop, I must share this song with you. I wanted to post it when it first came out a few days ago, but I wanted to reserve judgement. A lot of people will post Lil' Wayne tracks simply because it's a Lil' Wayne track. I wanted to wait a few days in order to make a rational conclusion about this song. 

Well, I've decided that this song is a big big record, and yes, I used the word 'big' twice. That was not a typo. Bigger than "A Miili?" That remains to be seen. But I can tell you that all the "Black & Yellow" freestyles (see post below) will pale in comparison to the amount of people who will jump on this track. I'm not even talking XXL Freshmen either. I'm talking about cats that are synonymous with longevity and greatness. I want to hear Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Bun B, Big Boi, 3 Stacks, and Snoop on this track.

But don't get me wrong, I think Wale, Wiz Khalifa, Drizzy, and the rest of the new comers would go MC Hammer on this beat (produced by Bangladesh) as well, but this is a track that all dope emcees should go in on. 

As a side note, I think Cory Gunz should be excluded from this track. His verse is weak. No punchlines. No memorable lines. He hits us with some pace, but it doesn't bring any energy to the track. I'm trying to remain as objective as possible, but I'm just not a fan of Cory Gunz. Sorry for having an opinion. Call me a hater.

D-WHY - Devil Horns To All ("Black & Yellow" Remix)

A nice viral video to accompany one of the better Black & Yellow freestyles. D-Why is killing it right now. You'll hear the hype next year. Heartless Handshakes got you first. 

18 December 2010

Vans Off The Wall Pritchard Shoes Spring '11

These are interesting. Not something you'd expect from Vans. You could actually dress these up with some trousers or dress them down with some quality selvedge denim. You're gonna have to wait until March 2011 to cops these, however. I'd say they're worth the wait if you like the dressy look with the signature laid back comfort of Vans.

16 December 2010

This is Dom Kennedy (Life As I Know It)

My dude Maurice (@GQJetSetter) tweeted this earlier today. If Dom Kennedy doesn't get the XXL cover... Check it out. Dope.

"For all the stuff they try to teach you in high school, I only graduated with half of it. But then agian, I only went half the time." 

15 December 2010

Steve Connell's Compromise

This is an interesting creative short I came across on Vimeo. You might recognize the female character as adult film star Faye Reagan. The male character is played by Steve Connell.

NEW MUSIC: D-Why - King David

David Morris AKA D-Why is dope as hell IMO. He's got everything to succeed. Dope rhymes [check]. Ill producers [check]. Amazing viral videos [check]. Impeccable fashion sense [check]. He's been in LA working on his mixtape Don't Flatter Yourself, comes out sometime next year and when it drops it'll grab the attention of a lot of industry heads.

I'm right when it comes to these things. Check my track record. I don't put music on my blog I don't believe in 100%. I have an ear for this and I've caught on to artists long before they hit the radio or hit with industry cats. Posner, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Chiddy Bang, The Cataracs, Sam Adams, Mac Miller, ect. I'm not gonna put D-Why in that category just yet, but depending on what he comes with on this mixtape we might have the next big thing on our hands here.

This kid has all the potential in the world, and if this is supposedly a throw-away track I'm interested to see what he brings to the table in 2011. Check it out.

D-WHY - King David