11 August 2010

Mac Miller - Don't Mind If I Do

If you haven't heard about Mac Miller yet, here is the perfect opportunity to get familiar. Mac Miller is an emcee from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who recently graduated from high school. Yes, you read correctly: high school. In December 2009, he released his first major mixtape, The High Life, which gained him notoriety in the blogosphere, and even fellow Pittsburgh native, Wiz Khalifa has reached to collaborate with him on current and future projects.

But who wouldn't want to work with the kid? Mac Miller rhymes with wit and charm while his flow and delivery is smooth like your favorite summertime beverage. Last month Rostrum Records recognized Miller's untapped potential and offered the young Pittsburgh spitter to a record deal he couldn't refuse. Miller's first release under Rostrum will be his upcoming mixtape, K.I.D.S., which comes out Friday, August 13th. The concept of the mixtape is loosely based on the controversial film, "Kids," directed by Lenny Clark. Mac Miller has leaked a series of songs and viral videos leading up to the release of K.I.D.S. This particular video features features a brief introductory monologue taken from the movie "Kids" and two songs from the mixtape. The first song has a jazz-influenced, bob-your-head-tap-your-feet vibe, while the second song features an interesting sample from "Fireflies" by Owl City. Check it out.

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