26 June 2010

Ghana 2, United States 1

I tip my hat to the footballers from Ghana. They are a class squad. United States went down early and had to chase the game. You can't get away with that type of play three times in the World Cup. See you back on American soil, boys.

22 June 2010

Donnis, "Fashionably Late" Mixtape

Fresh off of signing a deal with Atlantic Records, Donnis, an up-and-coming rapper from ATL, just dropped his newest mixtape, Fashionably Late. It's got an interesting concept, which makes for an entertaining listen. The voicemails from Clinton Sparks, John Legend, GLC, his mother, and Estelle are a nice touch-- funny, in fact. Beyond the voicemail interludes, his music stands out. Every track is top-notch original material. Donnis (as well as other new artists of his caliber) makes you wonder at point is a mixtape no longer a mixtape? This could be an album in and of itself. But I guess that's neither here nor there, and I should shut up and post the audio and the download link. So, here it is. Enjoy.

07 June 2010

Quadron - Pressure

It pleases me to know that people still make music like this. It's refreshing, especially at a time when music has been corrupted by major label execs and the reinvention of the vocoder. Quadron is a breath of fresh air in an industry polluted with 120 bpm synth-pop tunes. Their sound is timeless and classic-- think Diana Ross & The Supremes. Press play and you'll fall in love.

Become Legendary

Class. Class. Class.

03 June 2010

Artist Profile: Mac Miller

So I've known about Mac Miller for almost a year now. When I first heard his music I thought he was nice but just needed to sharpen his repertoire. Fast forward-- about a year has passed and the young Pittsburgh emcee is back, and his repertoire is sharpened and polished. He recently dropped a mixtape called The High Life and I must say I'm impressed-- more than impressed, in fact. The kid just graduated high school: "I'm a senior, but I stay fresh man// Class president, never would have guessed man." Mac rhymes with wit and charm, while his flow comes off his tongue like an ice cold Miller High Life, smooth. I've posted a couple of songs off his most recent tape. Support good hip hop, people! Check it out.