27 May 2010

B.o.B Featuring Bruno Mars & Bei Major - Nothin' On You (Villains Remix)

The original version of this song-- you know, the one all over the radio-- is a superbly crafted song, in my opinion. It's actually one of the only songs I can listen to when I tune into JAM'N 94.5 or KISS 108. It's a rare radio hit that actually conveys a substantial message and successfully avoids the usage of pop/ electro synths and auto-tune.

So by now you understand that I like the original song. Great. Well, my friends, I've found a remix that puts an interesting twist to the original. The Villains have flipped this song and added their signature electro-disco-synth-pop vibe without making me want to skip to the next song. This song, like the song in my previous post, has Summer 2010 Mix written all over it-- a must download in my opinion. Trust me, you'll like it. Check it out.

B.o.B - Nothin' On You (Villains Remix)

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