04 March 2010

OK Go, "WTF?" Video

This video is bananas. OK Go has some of the best videos out. Remember the video with the guys dancing on the treadmills that got millions of hit on YouTube? Yeah, that was them. I've seen them live a couple times too, and their live shows are just as fun to watch. This is creativity at its finest, people. The days of grossly over budgeted videos are over. This is the new generation of music videos, and YouTube and Vimeo have become the new MTV. Remember when MTV showed music videos? I don't. But anyways, the internet has become the biggest driving force behind music videos and their widespread distribution to the masses. So I guess the next question is what's next? What is the next big thing that will push the boundaries of the music industry? What will be the new wave of technology that people use to share music and media? Only time will tell...

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