11 March 2010

Matt and Kim - Daylight (Vodka and Milk Remix)

I've been meaning to post this for a while now but excessive partying, midterm exams, papers, and presentations have gotten the best of me the past week or so.

Matt and Kim are a quirky duo from Brooklyn by way of Vermont and Rhode Island with an interesting and eclectic sound. You may recognize them from their controversial and provocative "Lessons Learned" music video. I thought it was creative and brilliant, but I guess stuff like that just doesn't fly given America's historically conservative nature. Oh well.
The original song is great. The Vodka and Milk Remix is greater-- it adds another dimension that takes the original to a different level. The catchy piano loop, the electric synths, and the feel-good lyrics are essential components to making hits these days. Matt and Kim have captured this and even add their own springtime twist. Crisp and refreshing.

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