16 March 2010

Elitaste x NUE Agency SXSW Mixtape

ISL alumnus, blogger, talent manager, and purveyor of all things dope, Elitaste, has teamed up with DJ Benzi, NUE Agency, LRG and Oakley to present Best of All Worlds SXSW Showcase Mixtape. It's an outrageous compilation of material old and new, remixed and re-remixed. Trust me when I say that every song is a smash-- hits, straight hits. They really outdid themselves on this one. Elitaste is stupid fresh, and the NUE Agency is lightyears ahead of everybody else. Between the two, they manage a lineup of new and innovative artists that will most certainly turn the music industry on its head-- I believe SXSW is a major steppingstone in doing so. Those fortunate enough to be in Austin, TX for this showcase are in for a real treat. Ahhhh just look at the mixtape cover!! I wish I were there to see the plethora of talent slated to take the stage... Maybe next year? Check the link to download the best of South by Southwest. You won't be disappointed. I promise. This mixtape it that good.

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