31 March 2010

The Sandpit by Sam O'Hare

35,000 still photos taken in New York City. Honestly one of the coolest video clips I've ever seen. View in HD and full screen for best effect.

23 March 2010

Maestro Knows, Episode 6: Johnny Cupckaes

I've always wanted to catch a glimpse into the life and mind of Johnny Cupcakes. He seems like a quirky, likable guy with a million of crazy (and sometimes bizarre) ideas running through his head. But, that's what sets him apart from everybody else-- he zigs when they zag. He is a living example of how to make it in America.

Asher Roth, "Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry" Mixatpe

Asher Roth is at it again with this hilariously titled mixtape Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry. Ash jumps on some old beats and kills it with his witty lines and smooth flow. Check the link to taste Chef Roth's culinary delights.

Vans Authentic CA California Collection Ripstop

available soon at wishatl.

17 March 2010

All Black Everything: Supra Black Satin TUF Pack

These sneakers are so cold, especially the Skytops.

Levi - Love & Appreciate

I don't know much about Levi, but I do know that the kid can spit. He jumps on the Murs and 9th Wonder track and does his thing. When I listen to him it reminds me of (good) Charles Hamilton mixed with a little Lupe Fiasco. He's got all the makings of a young up and comer: voice, rhyme style, flow, and whit. It's real hip-hop, people. Hopefully we hear more from Levi in the future. Check it out.

16 March 2010

Elitaste x NUE Agency SXSW Mixtape

ISL alumnus, blogger, talent manager, and purveyor of all things dope, Elitaste, has teamed up with DJ Benzi, NUE Agency, LRG and Oakley to present Best of All Worlds SXSW Showcase Mixtape. It's an outrageous compilation of material old and new, remixed and re-remixed. Trust me when I say that every song is a smash-- hits, straight hits. They really outdid themselves on this one. Elitaste is stupid fresh, and the NUE Agency is lightyears ahead of everybody else. Between the two, they manage a lineup of new and innovative artists that will most certainly turn the music industry on its head-- I believe SXSW is a major steppingstone in doing so. Those fortunate enough to be in Austin, TX for this showcase are in for a real treat. Ahhhh just look at the mixtape cover!! I wish I were there to see the plethora of talent slated to take the stage... Maybe next year? Check the link to download the best of South by Southwest. You won't be disappointed. I promise. This mixtape it that good.

11 March 2010

Matt and Kim - Daylight (Vodka and Milk Remix)

I've been meaning to post this for a while now but excessive partying, midterm exams, papers, and presentations have gotten the best of me the past week or so.

Matt and Kim are a quirky duo from Brooklyn by way of Vermont and Rhode Island with an interesting and eclectic sound. You may recognize them from their controversial and provocative "Lessons Learned" music video. I thought it was creative and brilliant, but I guess stuff like that just doesn't fly given America's historically conservative nature. Oh well.
The original song is great. The Vodka and Milk Remix is greater-- it adds another dimension that takes the original to a different level. The catchy piano loop, the electric synths, and the feel-good lyrics are essential components to making hits these days. Matt and Kim have captured this and even add their own springtime twist. Crisp and refreshing.

04 March 2010

Sam Adams, "Boston's Boy" EP Available on iTunes

Since dropping the classic college anthem "I Hate College Remix," people have been anxiously waiting for Wizzy to come out with an official release. Well it's finally here, a day early, and let me tell you that it was definitely worth the wait. A lot of artists drop a smash like "I Hate College Remix" but fail to follow up with material of equal or better quality. This isn't the case here. Boston's Boy has some certifiable records on it that can elevate Sam Adams to the next level-- "Driving Me Crazy" is the new joint for the Spring by the way, so cop that at the very least. He's got a lot going for him and it can only get better from here. Top 10 on iTunes maybe? Oh wait, he's already in there. Cop that Boston swag! 508, 617, 781, 978 we in here!

DOWNLOAD on iTunes: Sam Adams - Boston's Boy

OK Go, "WTF?" Video

This video is bananas. OK Go has some of the best videos out. Remember the video with the guys dancing on the treadmills that got millions of hit on YouTube? Yeah, that was them. I've seen them live a couple times too, and their live shows are just as fun to watch. This is creativity at its finest, people. The days of grossly over budgeted videos are over. This is the new generation of music videos, and YouTube and Vimeo have become the new MTV. Remember when MTV showed music videos? I don't. But anyways, the internet has become the biggest driving force behind music videos and their widespread distribution to the masses. So I guess the next question is what's next? What is the next big thing that will push the boundaries of the music industry? What will be the new wave of technology that people use to share music and media? Only time will tell...

02 March 2010

New: Cisco Adler Featuring Lil' Jon - Spring Break Lover

The Spring Break anthem has officially dropped courtesy of Mr. Cisco Adler and hype man Lil' Jon. I swear everything Cisco Adler touches turns to gold. He's one of the best in the business in my opinion. He has a vibe and musical sense that is unmatched. He could make a song with the whackest artist and still turn it out. We could use more Cisco Adlers in the the music biz that's for sure. Check the link to get that Spring Break freshness.

Trey Songz, "Neighbors Know My Name" Video

Songz has established himself as the go-to guy for that baby making music nowadays-- ladies are swooned, guys are jealous. Is this how it was back in the 70s when men could actually sing? I'm not mad. Just another slow jam for the Friday night bedtime magic playlist.

01 March 2010

The Cataracs, "I Thought They Were Black" Mixtape

This is the best mixtape to drop in 2010 so far, and is most definitely an early candidate for mixtape of the year. The Cataracs: two 18-year-old kids from Berkley, California with the ultimate recipe for success. This is a must download. I don;t care who you are or what kind of music you are into. I Thought They Were Black has something for pretty much everyone-- from acoustic remixes of your favorite songs to high energy auto-tune club bangers, and everything in between. So do yourself a favor: Download, import to iTunes, and loop this mixtape for the next week or two. You won't be disappointed. I promise.

Ice Cream Paint Job [Feat Dorrough]
Sippin' Champagne
Like a G6 [Feat Dev and Far East Movement]

GQ Magazine's 20 Black Style Pioneers

Black history shouldn't be forgotten just because it's March. GQ Magazine has compiled a great list of the 20 most fashionable figures in Black history. From Sammy Davis Jr. to Huey P. Newton-- these guys were always on top of their fashion game. Sure they were trendy sometimes, but for the most part their style was timeless. A lot of what the wore back in their day translates to modern fashion. Check out Sammy Davis Jr. above. He is wearing a tailored suit jacket, skinny tie, tapered trousers, and Cavern boots. Simplicity provides a fine line between elegance and plainness, gentlemen.

Click here to see the rest of GQ's list.