31 January 2010

A Trip to Moxie Falls

I know this a little bit late but a couple weeks ago I visited Moxie Falls in Somerset, Maine, which is about 50 miles from the Canadian border. Getting there was almost as interesting as frozen over falls itself. About a quarter of a mile from hidden entrance to the trail that brings you to the falls, one of the Chevy Suburbans got stuck on the side of the road in about two and a half feet of snow. Feet damp and hands frozen, my classmates and I struggled to dig the car out. After about 15 minutes, we had only managed to sink the car deeper into the ditch on the side of the salt covered road. In our final effort to get the car out, however, we miraculously pushed the bulky SUV out and we continued onward.
So, we finally got to the place and here are some photos of our daytime adventure.
Before hitting the trail, we stopped by a lake to each lunch. It was a pretty desolate area with the exception of a couple ice fishing shacks and this dam and outpost lodge. The simplicity of life out here is amazing. Sometimes it's a good thing to just slow everything down and breathe in the crisp Maine winter air.
The sun was out, which made for a pleasant day for a short snow shoe hike to see the falls.
The river leading up to the falls was frozen over for the most part. A few patches of exposed flowing water were visible still. The falls were a wonderful site to see. I wish the waterfall wasn't altered by the caked up snow, ice, and rime. Nonetheless, it was great to see nature in its most glorious state.
The sun still managed to peek through the coniferous and deciduous trees as we made our way out of the forest.

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