29 December 2009

Heartless Handshakes' Top 10 Albums of 2009

1. The-Dream, Love vs. Money
What can I say about this album? Wow. Top to bottom, every track is on point-- a perfect blend of fast and slow tempo and everything in between. I can't believe the Grammy committee snubbed my man like that. That's alright though, he gets my vote for album of the year 2009.
2. The Black Eyed Peas, The E.N.D.
BEP raised the bar for pop acts in 2009. "I Gotta Feeling" was the summer anthem and still gets the party jumping. The rest of the album is jam packed with that 120 bpm head bobbing, foot tapping, hip swaying vibe.
3. Kid Cudi, Man on the Moon
People's faces were scrunched up when Cudi's highly anticipated freshman album dropped. How could such an emotional and spacey record garner such mainstream success? Well, Cudder found the winning formula-- clever album concept, the right co-signers, and the Crookers remix to Day 'N Night.
4. Passion Pit, Manners
They came out strong with Sleepyhead and managed to keep their momentum going throughout 2009. They have an airy, melodic, and unique sound that lulls you into la la land. It is truly a blissful listening experience when you're rocking with Passion Pit.
5. Jay-Z, Blueprint 3
Hovi's home! The third installment of the Blueprint trilogy reestablished Jigga's starting spot as the point guard in the rap game. Many thought Jay lost his hunger as a musician in the past few years, but it seems as if he rediscovered his timeless swag in 2009.
6. Maxwell, BLACKsumer'snight
Finally, people can start making babies again. Maxwell is a true artist-- he consistently delivers that sultry, mood-setting music, which many other artists imitate but rarely duplicate. Gentlemen, keep it simple-- wine, dine, Maxwell. It works every time.
7. Rick Ross, Deeper than Rap
There was a lot of pressure on Officer Rawse to generate big numbers with this album. And fortunately for him, he moved more units than 50 Cent. The whole body of work conveys that smooth, laid back in the Maybach vibe-- for bosses only.
8. Milkman, Circle of Fifths
Riding the wave of his hugely popular debut mashup, Gregg Luskin AKA Milkman released his sophomore album in March. I didn't think he could top Lactose and THC, but pulled it off in a big way-- better quality, production, and song selection. Put this on at a party and watch the room bounce in unison.
9. LMFAO, Party Rock
The album title is self explanatory. The Miami-based duo developed their crazy party flavor over the span of a couple of years and this is what came from it-- a ridiculously hyper sexual orgy of party beats and playful rhymes. Always a winning combo. Brilliant.
10. Robin Thicke, Sex Therapy: The Experience
I've been on Robin Thicke since he signed to Pharrell's label, Star Trak. The man can sing, especially when he puts it down with the falsetto. The album is loaded with good music and oh, tons of sexual innuendoes to make things pop off late night. Enjoy.

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