26 December 2009

Birdman, "A Day in the Life" Part 1

Birdman makes a lot of money and spends a lot of money. It's crazy to see the life he lives-- taking a private jet to a different city every night, carrying $52,000 in cash on him at any given moment, random power meetings with his dream-team of lawyers, etc... As I was watching I couldn't' help but wonder what goes on in the mind of Birdman. Beneath the tattoos, diamond encrusted teeth, and Gucci rags is a business savvy man who knows how to make a buck. So all you Economics majors out there should take some notes. Just because you have read a couple financial books and learned to manipulate product demand curves doesn't mean you can go out there and make money.

Young Money Cash Money is getting stronger and reemerging as one of the most lucrative labels in the music biz. Birdman, Wayne, and Slim have done well to assemble a solid core of talent to keep churning out hits. Wayne, Birdman, Jay Sean, Drizzy Drake, and the rest of the Young Money crew all have projects out or coming out in the near future-- talk about a solid game plan. Birdman has got it all figured out.

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