11 November 2009

Denim for Dummies

This is a great how-to buyer's guide for those in the market for new denim. Personally, I've experienced a wide array of denim: crappy Old Navy carpenter jeans, the classic GAP 5-pocket jean, baggy LRG's with tacky back pocket designs, ripped, torn and sandblasted Abercrombie & Fitch low-rise jeans, bootcut Diesel's, overpriced Seven's, slim J Brand's, uber euro G-Star Raw's, and of course, the good ol' American Levi's. So, I guess you can say that I've owned more pairs of jeans than the average heterosexual guy. From my experience with shopping for denim I have learned three essential rules for purchasing denim:

1. Buy jeans that actually fit. Jeans are potentially a multi-year investment. If you want a BMW 3-Series, why would you buy a Chevy Tahoe?

2. The simpler, the better. Bedazzled pockets and loud obnoxious stitching (True Religion) will have you waiting in line outside the club for a long time-- probably the whole night because that shit might have been cool 10 years ago in 6th grade. Simplicity, gentlemen. Simplicity.

3. If you aren't jumping up and down in excitement to buy the pair of jeans in your cart, then neatly fold them, put them back where you found them, and keep it moving. Never wear something you're blase about. Would you walk around with a girl on your arm who you think is just alright? Exactly. Get it together.

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