15 October 2009

A Day in the Life of a Producer: K-Quick

Stop the presses! Stop the presses! Please, stop the presses! I had to put this up here on Heartless Handshakes. Kaleb "K-Quick" Rollins is a good friend of mine, who is currently enrolled in the Tisch music program at NYU, and I want to take this opportunity to give him some long overdue shine.

This young man is one of the music industry's best kept secrets. He is a producer/ singer/ songwriter/ DJ/ emcee/ MUSICIAN. Like my man said in the video clip, all of his slashes are well earned. I mean, shit, Kaleb has been making industry quality beats for at least last 3-4 years now-- fast forward the video to 4:25 and listen to that beat. Bananas. Heat. Crack. Fire. Piff. Whatever you wanna call it. My man K-Quick is PROBLEM and all you little producers, emcees, songwriters, starving artisits, industry lightweights, and industry heavyweights who read my blog, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!! Here is a man who is constantly improving his craft. Here is a man who refuses to sleep because making beats and writing songs is his life. Why waste time dreaming about making music when you can just do it?

Can he get better? Absolutely, yes. I know he can.I remember his first beat. When I heard it, I was thinking that there was no possible way he could make a better song. Well, the next week, Kaleb comes out with another beat that was even better than his first beat. 7 years later, Kaleb never ceases to amaze me. Every time he sends me a beat, I say to myself that there is no way he can come up with something better than this. And every time, Kaleb delivers and sets the bar even higher, not only for himself, but for others around him.

So, to all you bloggers, readers, browsers, hip hop heads, music lovers, students, teachers, parents, consumers, etc here is your first look at my friend, the talented Kaleb " K-Quick" Rollins. Enjoy.

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