17 September 2009


So, between all the classes, moving, shaking, hustling, and bustling, I have been hard at work trying to book talent for a large concert sometime during the fall semester. The last two semesters at Colby College have been awful in terms of bringing popular musical acts to campus. Let's see-- last fall semester we had a washed up, wayy overpriced band called Cake perform one of the worst concerts in history. I mean it was badd. Oh Lord that was not a good look. Then, this past spring semester we had Guster do a show... Guster. Don't get me wrong, I'm not throwing any shade on Guster. But, while I respect their musical talent, I do not believe they are the best option for college entertainment.

But I digress. Back to my original point. I have been contacting agents for booking and scheduling and all that jazz, which is actually pretty cool. These people are relatively accessible and are a great resource to have if you are ever interested in booking talent for an event you might be organizing. So anyways, I am lining up a couple of artists, who I believe would put on a great fall 2009 concert: Mike Posner, Milkman, and Kid Cudi. Hopefully I can get at least one of the aforementioned artists to do a show. With any luck two or even all three can make it. But I guess for now I will play the waiting game.

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