16 August 2009

New: Wale - Sweetie

Apple juice kid on the beat. This song's got that bounce-- that African rhythmic influence. I kinda want to bust out the Coming to America tribal dance when this song is playingg You know, when Prince Akeem is presented with his queen to be-- arms flailing, legs moving, hips gyrating. Gotta love late 80s, early 90s Eddie Murphy. But I digress. I wonder if this is a sample of what Attention:Deficit is going to sound like. If so, I think it's an interesting approach. If he can manage to balance the go go drums with the B'more club pace and infuse some new sounds like what I'm hearing on this track I think he has the potential to garner some serious success. Check the link below to get it.

Download: Wale - Sweetie

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