06 August 2009

I Hate the Radio

Today something happened to me that has never happened to me before. While I was listening to my iPod on shuffle mode I heard "Best I Ever Had" by Drake and literally got nauseous and even experienced a brief bout of anxiety. It was such a bizarre feeling that I immediately ripped out my earphones and had to take a moment to compose myself.

"Best I Ever Had" was a good song. Key word, was. Past tense. It was a good song until radio killed it. Now you say it: [Insert any song playing on the radio right now] was a good song until radio killed it. Write it on the board 500 times.

I think I might have to retire that song (and my songs like it) from my iTunes before I shove Q-tips so far in my ears that I subsequently develop an inner ear problem that causes me to walk like a retarded pimp. Seriously. How many times have you been listening to the radio and a certain song comes on and you immediately hit the next five presets only to hear the same song you loath and other annoying songs like it? So you either reach for the iPod or press the CD button.

Why do radio stations feel the need to beat songs to death like that? Why? Who wants to hear "Fire Burning" by Sean Kingston or "I Know You Want Me" by Pitbull two-to-three times an hour? I'd much rather get a colonoscopy (no homo). Surely there must be more than 10 songs out right now. I don't think Kiss 108 or Jam'n 94.5 know that. Do they think playing the same 10 songs over and over again gains listeners? Hello, this isn't Abercrombie & Fitch, where they loop the same songs every hour on the hour without fail. Why not be a more progressive and I dunno... play new music. GASP! It's not hard. There are thousands of music blogs out there churning out good music that should be heard. Would it kill radio stations to expand their playlists to 75 songs? I mean it's kind of rediculous to hear "Love Game" by Lady GaGa on Jam'n 94.5, switch over to Kiss 108 and hear the same damn song.

And that's something else that bothers me-- why is Jam'n playing Lady GaGa? Isn't Jam'n Boston's #1 for HIP HOP and R&B? Not electro-pop. Not Lady GaGa. That's about as hip hop as Julia Stiles in Save the Last Dance. Sorry, Jam'n 94.5. YOU FAIL. You do not pass GO. You do not collect $200. What next? Adding MGMT, Vampire Weekend, Gavin Degraw, and Taylor Swift to their 10 song rotation? I wouldn't be surprised...

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