04 August 2009

The Diplomats - Dipset Anthem/ I Really Mean It

Remember when Roc-a-fella had the hip hop game in a choke hold and everybody was throwing up their dynasty diamonds and jockin' Dipset? I do.

By the beginning of the millennium Jay-Z and Dame Dash had laid the foundation for what would become an unstoppable force. The Roc-a-fella Records lineup of talented artists was the murder's row of hip hop. Everything coming from their camp moved millions, if not hundreds of thousands of units-- Come Home With Me went 2x Platinum, while Diplomatic Immunity sold 1.2M. And if you weren't buying their music, you were wearing pink because Cam made it cool to do so. Remember the pink Range Rover and matching pink outfit: fur coat, hat, Timb's and all? Was that really only 7 years ago? Time flies I guess. Anyways, check out the video and click the links below to download.

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