29 July 2009

Wiz - I Hate College Remix

Wiz jumps on Asher Roth's breakout single "I Love College" and puts his own twist to it: "I hate college, but love all the parties/ finishing kegs and crushing bottles of Bacardi." For those of you who don't know much about Wiz-- he's a local artist from the Boston area and attends Trinity College in Hartford, CT (I almost went there). I knew him back in the day when he was just starting spit. Good to hear that he's on his come up.

I can definitely vibe out to this feel good summer song (could do without the auto-tune in my opinion). I'm not alone when I say that many kids attending college, especially in the Northeast (fast shout out to Colby and the other NESCAC schools), can relate when he raps about sweet lacrosse bros (you're whack) and awkward d-bags wearing Lacoste haha. Check the link to hear the college experience.


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  2. Come with some better shit than that man, cmon you tryin to steal wiz khalifas name? dood, gotta get your own shit dont try and get famous off someone else. you aint ready but keep tryin