09 July 2009

Ryan Leslie x Rick Ross

I believe this was a track that was supposed to be on Ross's latest album, Deeper Than Rap, which by the way is one of the best albums to come out so far in 2009. Ryan Leslie, for those of you who aren't familiar, is a super producer based out of New York. He was the brains behind Cassie's smash hit "Me & U" among other production credits from Diddy's camp. He is quickly and quietly making his way up to the top of the music industry with his smooth and sultry R&B melodies. A good friend of mine, K-Quick, is working with him closely and learning the tricks of the trade-- He is also on his come up and is one of the best kept secrets in the music industry.  Check out his Myspace page here and/or you can follow him on Twitter @KQuicktheWriter

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