06 July 2009

Random Thoughts

So, this past weekend was a fun weekend as many Americans gathered together to celebrate out country's independence from the British colonies. On Saturday night I went out with a few friends to partake in the festivities. We had a fun night for the most part-- drinking x dancing x drunken wandering x [insert illicit weekend exploit here].  But, the one thing that stuck out in my mind was how incredibly douchebaggy frat guys are. I've been to many places and met a lot of people, but wow frat guys take the cake. 

My friends and I were on the rooftop at some lame, have-so-much-money-i-spend-it-all-on-coke, MIT frat house on Beacon St. So, when we get up to rooftop, a skinny white boy wearing a blue "GoGreek" t-shirt approaches us and asks us if we know a "brother." We responded, "No." Now at this point I thought everything was cool and that he would have just left us alone because we were being model party guests (we took two beers total, Miller Light to be exact, and pretty much kept to ourselves and didn't bother mingling with the other random guests). But no, this kid says to us in his best Bill Lumberg voice, "well yeahhhh... I'm gonna ask that you leave. If you want I can show you out through the house." 

So now I want to slap this kid in his face for being so condescending and an overall asshole to me and my friends. But I decided against it because 3 guys can't possibly take down a whole frat house unless you are a Spartan from 300 or Chuck Norris. So, we kept our drinks and walked 10 feet to the next rooftop, where the people were nicer and better looking.

Immediately after the fireworks, we left the lameness of that particular frat area and made our way over to another MIT frat house cross the bridge in Cambridge where we were allowed entrance and proceeded up the stairs to yet another rooftop party. Despite the fact that they had run out of alcohol, the party was poppin'. So I'm going downstairs with one of my boys to see if we can find some alcohol when I run into a friend from COLBY, who had just recently graduated. I was talking to him for a minute or two when some frat bro with a fake Kid Robot t-shirt on and messed up hairline approaches me and asks me if I know a "brother." I said no, but my friend from COLBY was staying with another kid from COLBY who was living there for the summer. So the COLBY kid who was staying in the frat house for the summer, with whom I share many mutual friends and know decently well, comes out and I quickly explain that the homie with the whammin' haircut was harassing me about knowing a "brother." This COLBY kid, who was the runner-up in the 2009 Mr. COLBY contest, looks at me and asks, "How did you get here?" I responded "I drove into the city, parked my car, and walked here." Then he says, "Well, I only know you from Colby. Sorry, man" and leaves. I'm sitting there thinking to myself, "That was some cold shit. He really dipped it on me for real." So the frat bro gets a couple of his boys to escort me out. More senseless drama ensues and we all end up leaving.

I mean you have got to be kidding me. Between being asked if I know a "brother" about a dozen times and the COLBY kid who totally left me out to dry, I was tight. Actually, I was beyond tight. Really though, some people need to act correctly and ask themselves, "am I being an asshole?" Being respectful and considerate goes a long way. Don't be a cocky, pompous, have-had-everything-given-to-me-in-life asshole. Don't.

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