08 July 2009

"Paper Bag" by Chanel

This bag is hilariously dope! How many of those black and white Chanel bags do you see in the city? That's right, too many! And most of them are fake to boot. Honestly, this bag is creative and would get more looks than the cookie cutter factory bags that every spoiled suburban girl walks around with. Seriously though. Having a closet of grossly overpriced designer rags doesn't exactly equate to having swag. This brown paper bag has got some swag in it, albeit of a different kind, but swag nonetheless. I'm not knocking a girl with a nice bag. All I'm saying is that I'm tired of seeing a pack of girls all rocking the same bag, with the same Uggs/ballet flats/Rainbows, with the same True's/Seven's/Citizen's/ Paige Premium's, and with the same Forever 21 top. Her bag > your bag, which also means her swag >> your swag. Ladies, time to switch the style up.

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