23 July 2009

New: Mike Posner - First Date Sex

This song... This song >> "Birthday Sex" by Jeremiah. Pause. Let me go in on Jeremiah for a second and then I'll never mention him again on my blog. Jeremiah is a low rent, poor man's version of The-Dream. Don't you agree that "Birthday Sex" was a throw away song for Mr. Radio Killer's album Love Vs. Money and it just so happened to fall into Jeremiah's lap? And, what makes things even worse is that the song is all over the radio! I don't even listen to radio very much anymore because of songs like this. Seriously. JAMN' 94.5 and Kiss 108 play this record twice an hour AT LEAST. Gag me. I mean if you're going to play the song then at least play the regular version, not the horribly edited version that goes: "birthday shhh." How lame is that? Why are songs so heavily edited to the point where they sound foolish? It bugs the shit out of me...

OK, now that I've got that out of my system, back to the Mike Posner track. Song is cleverly hilarious-- a much better rendition in my opinion. I am not alone when I say this (fellas back me up on this one)-- I can definitely relate to what the kid's talking about: the awkward square dance known as the first date and the various situations you constantly find yourself in. Sitting on the couch watching a bum ass movie trying to figure out if you should go in for the kill or not. We've all been there. And the part when he claps to turn the lights off had me dying from laughter(remember those commercials? clap on *clap clap*//clap off *clap clap*). Mr. Posner, keep up the good work my friend. Check the link below to download.

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