09 July 2009

JoeBuddenTV: How Soon Is 2 Soon To Call?

This video had me out of breathe I was laughing so hard. Joe Budden is too funny: "It's fucked up. Technology is taking over. You just refer to niggas by they Twitter names" (@julianpatterson by the way-- follow me on Twitter). So the question is how soon is too soon? I think my man Freq waited wayy too long to get at the girl from the airplane. I wold have called her by Sunday afternoon to set up a dinner date on Tuesday/wednesday, so that come Friday/Saturday everything would be set up. That's how I would have operated. Joey was right when he said that Freq waited too long-- it just allows other dudes to get in and holler at her. Gentlemen, watch this video so you know exactly how NOT to handle this particular situation. Peace.

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