13 July 2009

From Way Back: KRS-One - The Sound of Da Police

This song goes hard. KRS-One was and still is one of the most lyrically deft and conscious rappers out. I've been bumpin' this in the Ac Coupe for the past week or so. As you may or may not know, I don't really get along with cops. I know they are there to protect and serve, but I don't get that vibe whenever a cop is around me. I feel like they're out to get me. Do you ever get that feeling? Like when a cop pulls up next to you on the road that anything you do they'll flick their lights on and get you for some stupid technicality. Maybe I'm just paranoid because I drive recklessly sometimes and wish every road was the Autobahn. If you're feeling this joint feel free to check the link below.

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