30 July 2009

Eminem - Warning (Mariah Carey Diss)

Shots fired! Diva down! Diva down! Oh my Lord this record is one of the coldest diss records to ever come out. Most of the things he says in this song are plain mean and nasty. Just putting all of her shit out there for everybody to know-- I mean dude COMPLETELY airs her out. But hey, would you expect anything less coming from Eminem? Listen to "Nail in the Coffin" at your earliest convenience and you'll understand the type of diss records Em is capable of putting together. Even 50 didn't go this far in on Officer Rick Ross, and 50 went IN heavy. Trust me. If those phone messages or pictures ever come out... Needless to say, it would be a wrap. And as for Nick Cannon... sorry homie but you got thoroughly cooked. It would take a diss track better than "Ehter" by Nas to get at Marshall. Final verdict: lyrical double homicide. Check the link to hear the verbal assault.

Girl Talk Rips the Fox Theater in Pomona

Man this guy, Gregg Gillis, can throw a party. This particular set took place last week in Pomona, California. When he performed at Colby it was the same type deal-- kids dancing, shouting, out of control, non-stop raging, ALL drunk. It was ridiculous (not to mention he gave me his hoodie and sunglasses). Straight up college fun. He's due for a new mashup soon I think. It seems like he's got a ton of new material and is experimenting show by show. Hopefully we'll hear some new stuff by the end of the year when he's not touring as much.

Nike Hybrid AC ND

The Hybrid AC ND from Nike combines a Blazer sole with an interlaced suede upper and boat shoe influenced design elements. The end result is a clean, casual sneaker with a more grown up feel than most Nike offerings. Bar the tonally embroidered Nike script on the tongue, most would have a hard time even identifying this as a Nike release. No word yet on a release date.

Props to Highsnobiety.

29 July 2009

Wiz - I Hate College Remix

Wiz jumps on Asher Roth's breakout single "I Love College" and puts his own twist to it: "I hate college, but love all the parties/ finishing kegs and crushing bottles of Bacardi." For those of you who don't know much about Wiz-- he's a local artist from the Boston area and attends Trinity College in Hartford, CT (I almost went there). I knew him back in the day when he was just starting spit. Good to hear that he's on his come up.

I can definitely vibe out to this feel good summer song (could do without the auto-tune in my opinion). I'm not alone when I say that many kids attending college, especially in the Northeast (fast shout out to Colby and the other NESCAC schools), can relate when he raps about sweet lacrosse bros (you're whack) and awkward d-bags wearing Lacoste haha. Check the link to hear the college experience.

28 July 2009

But It's Still Guru and Premier

I was recently scrolling through my iTunes listening to the first 20 seconds of what seemed to be a thousand trillion songs when I came across a couple cuts from one of my favorite hip hop duos of all-time, Gang Starr. With DJ Premier (Houston, TX) cookin' up the beats and Guru (Boston, MA) suppliying classic verses, Gang Starr was a coming together of two unstoppable forces to form a musical conglomerate that consistently churned out qulaity hip hop for more than a decade. One great producer + 0ne dope emcee + one direction = quality hip hop. The music industry has strayed from this formula and albums have turned into a bland stir fry of overdone beats and forced lyrics. How can an album possibly be cohesive if you got a beat from Swizzy, Timbo, Just Blaze, Kanye, 9th, The Runners, The Neptunes, Will.i.am, DJ Quik, and Alchemist... Granted this line up of producers would never make it all onto a single album because it would cost a label millions. But, one of the the points I'm trying to make here is that I feel some artists are relying too heavily on coming up with one or two hits rather than creating one SOLID body of work. To name a few: Fat Joe, Flo-Rida, Sean Kingston, Mims, and Soulja Boy are all guilty of this. But, I respect their hustle-- they are ringtone rappers who make millions off of the wireless handheld device market. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, we are entering a new era where the next generation of artists are more focused on quality verus quantity. A qulaity album will sell more units over a much much longer stretch of time than an album with one huge single. When push comes to shove, I will cop the new Wale album (Attention:Deficit in stores 9/22/2009) long before I even think of purchasing the Flo-Rida album. Its like paying to see a whole circus versus paying to see a one trick pony.

So anyway, back to my original point (sorry for digressing, I had to get that in really quick). To me, Gang Starr is one of those hip hop pairings that brought out the best in hip hop like Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Eric B. & Rakim, and Talib Kweli & Mos Def AKA Blackstar. So without further ado, here are a few of my favorite cuts from Gangstarr. Check the links below to hear good music

27 July 2009

Usain Bolt Blows Away the Competition

The way Usain Bolt dominates the other sprinters is simply incredible. He doesn't even look like he's trying. Like him or not, you have to admit that what he has accomplished in the past year is out of this world. He is definitely in a league of his own. 9.92 into a head wind? Wow... Funny thing is that the 100m isn't even his best event. What's next for him? I would love to see him run the 800m.

Curtis On Entourage

Last night 50 made a guest appearance on HBO's hit show, Entourage. He kinda went in and clowned on my man Turtle. But, at least he looks good (fake it 'til you make it). You gotta love 50's laugh/ giggle. Oh, and the drop top, two-tone Phantom Curtis whips is so coldd. Turtle's Ferrari (and Porsche) are the business too.

23 July 2009

New: Mike Posner - First Date Sex

This song... This song >> "Birthday Sex" by Jeremiah. Pause. Let me go in on Jeremiah for a second and then I'll never mention him again on my blog. Jeremiah is a low rent, poor man's version of The-Dream. Don't you agree that "Birthday Sex" was a throw away song for Mr. Radio Killer's album Love Vs. Money and it just so happened to fall into Jeremiah's lap? And, what makes things even worse is that the song is all over the radio! I don't even listen to radio very much anymore because of songs like this. Seriously. JAMN' 94.5 and Kiss 108 play this record twice an hour AT LEAST. Gag me. I mean if you're going to play the song then at least play the regular version, not the horribly edited version that goes: "birthday shhh." How lame is that? Why are songs so heavily edited to the point where they sound foolish? It bugs the shit out of me...

OK, now that I've got that out of my system, back to the Mike Posner track. Song is cleverly hilarious-- a much better rendition in my opinion. I am not alone when I say this (fellas back me up on this one)-- I can definitely relate to what the kid's talking about: the awkward square dance known as the first date and the various situations you constantly find yourself in. Sitting on the couch watching a bum ass movie trying to figure out if you should go in for the kill or not. We've all been there. And the part when he claps to turn the lights off had me dying from laughter(remember those commercials? clap on *clap clap*//clap off *clap clap*). Mr. Posner, keep up the good work my friend. Check the link below to download.

22 July 2009

"Aquafan" by John Francisco Casas

I like art as much as the next guy, but I am just blown away by this. Why, you ask? Because these aren't pictures, boys and girls. These were drawn using ball point pen by Juan Francisco Casas. He is an extremely talented artist from Spain and has many more pieces like these in the Galleria section of his website. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

21 July 2009

New: LMFAO - Scream My Name

This song is bananas! It's off LMFAO's debut album, Party Rock, which has a similar vibe to BEP's The E.N.D, one of the best albums to drop this year in my opinion. They are different in that LMFAO is rougher around the edges with their sounds and lyrical content. Nevertheless, Party Rock is a must have album for summer 2009. Every song on the album can burn up the dancefloor with catchy hooks and experimental electro/house/hipster hop/funk sound. "Scream My Name" is one of my favorites off the album and is definitely a song to party to for the rest of the summer and through the chilly fall nights. Check the link to cop the party swag. 

When Will This Stop?

Last Thursday, 16 July 2009, Harvard University Professor and Director of the W.E.B. DuBois Institute Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested at his Cambridge home and charged with disorderly conduct. The incident began when Gates had returned home from a trip China and found his front to door damaged and consequently jammed shut. A neighbor saw Gates's attempt to shoulder the door open and promptly called the local ploice to report suspicious activity/ robbery. Shortly after recieving the call, Cambridge Police arrived on the scene to assess the situation... read the rest of the story here.

If you haven't read the story, please do so now. It'll take 5 minutes.

Based on my experiences in my 21 years of existance, I find incidents like this very upsetting. I have seen police brutality, seen excessive force used, been racially profiled, been pulled over for driving in the "wrong area", been harassed by figures of authority, been called a nigger on more than one occasion, been the only black person in a room full of white people, and I could go on and on about my issues concerning the color of my skin for days.

My initial thoughts-- why did the neighbor call the police? So, the neighbor, who I presume to be white until proven otherwise, saw his/her neighbor having difficulty getting in his front door and proceeded to call the cops? I dont know about you, but I know what all my neighbors look like despite the fact that I have not formerly met them in the two years that I have been living in my neighborhood. I know them because I see them coming and going, getting the mail, walking the dog, etc. But I digress. Ok, ok... let's say the neighbor did not recognize Gates (and his driver). Would he or she have called the cops if it were two middle aged white women struggling to get the door open? Two middle aged white men? Two elderly people? The answer is NO. Why? Because that's who is supposed to live there, not some educated, accomplished, and distinguished black man, who so happens to be one of the most revered professors at arguably the most prestigious university in the world.

So, the cops come... oh great, that's the last thing I would want to deal with after flying more than halfway across the world only to come home to a broken front door. I would be a little bit irritated at this point. Who wouldn't? So the cop, racist or not (I will reserve judgement) only makes the situation worse by lingering (he even enters Gates's home-- without permission I assume) and asking all sorts of unnecessary questions when really all that was needed was a simple: "Hello sir, how are you? Is this your residence? A neighbor called in and reported suspicious activity... can I please see your ID so I can confirm that this is your residence?" That's all that needed to be done and the situation would have been deadened. But no, the cop had to go all up in the house and play detective until he could slap an unnecessary charge on Professor Gates. I guess that's the price you pay for being black in America-- an extra tax if you will- a tax on your emotions and your existance as a human being.

This is not an isolated incident. It happens all the time, in every neighborhood, and in every city in the United States. This has all got to stop-- the harassment, the profiling, the prejudice. It's 2009 people!

19 July 2009

Gucci Spring 2010 Men's Collection

Gucci Mane Gets Groupie Love

As I was watching this video I couldn't help but ask why don't girls like these two go to Colby? Must be nice to be Gucci Mane. He's a big deal down South and has a a buzz going on the East and West coasts, but I didn't know that he had white girls like this following him around. I mean these suburban girls knew all his lyrics and were talking all sorts mess about various sexual exploits they would share with the Atlanta based rapper. If daddy only knew what his daughter was doing late night on the weekends...

Nike SB x Paul Rodriguez Promo

Paul Rodriguez AKA P. Rod has been on the Nike SB Skate team for a while now and even has his own signature line of SB's, which are a pretty good look if you ask me. On August 8th, Nike will release the third generation of the P. Rod signature shoe. The concept of the video is cool and even Ice Cube makes a brief appearance towards the end. 

17 July 2009

The Beautiful Game

On my hour plus long commute to work in the morning I take a break from listening to the usual suspects: Drake, Weezy, Hov, Ross, 'Ye, BEP, and [insert any mashup artist here]. Instead, I listen tothe Dennis & Callahan sports talk radio show on WEEI (am 850 on your dial if you are in New England). I like to stay current on all things Boston sports, especially because almost all of our professional sports teams are in the hunt for the championship every year: Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins, and of course the Revolution. While I enjoy listening to MLB trade rumors, NBA max contracts, and NFL injury updates, I am kind of disappointed that soccer is seldom discussed. I understand that MLS (Major League Soccer) is not the center of the soccer universe and that the players are not of the highest quality, but it is still something that should be mentioned at the very least. It pisses me off when the radio personalities laugh whenever the topic of soccer comes up. Hello? Isn't it your job to talk sports... all sports? Whether they enjoy the game of soccer or not, they should be able to offer some insight beyond a basic knowledge of the rules.

Personally, I am sick and tired of explining to ignorant/ uniformed people why soccer is such a beautiful and great game. Most, particularly fans of American football, reply snidely that soccer is too boring and that there isn't any scoring or that there isn't enough physical contact. Well I've got news for you, American football fan, football is more of a "pussy" sport than soccer. In case you didn't know, there is a sport already out there called Rugby where bloodthirsty guys run around the pitch with an oblong shaped ball and murder each other WITHOUT PADS! But I digress, soccer is a 90 minute chess match that requires endurance, speed, power, agility, intelligence, and grace. It is a game in which one moment of brilliance can lift the spirits of a whole country. To me there is nothing more beautiful than watching an intricate build up ending with a cross or through ball and an emphatic goal.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there is a reason why soccer is by far the most popular sport in the world. There is a reason why soccer is a religion in some regions. American football is quite popluar in the United States but does not compare to the popularity of soccer inEurope and Africa. When have you ever watched an NFL game and could barely hear the commentators because 50,000 drunk fans are singing their team's fight song in unison? That's right, NEVER. Visit Old Trafford Stadium December. When has the New York Yankees paid the Red Sox $131 million to offer their best player a A-Rod money? NEVER. Do a little bit of research and check out Real Madrid's bank statements-- they've spent close to $250 million in the past month on the best talent from around Europe. 

They say soccer is the the simplest game ruined by the idiots who play it. However, when played right, it is prettier than listening to the perfect verse over a tight beat. There's nothing like it. If you haven't already, I suggest you get familiar with the game of soccer and I promise you'll become a fan.

15 July 2009

New: Drake - The Winner

This track is supposedly on Drake's debut album, Thank Me Later. I'm definitely feeling this. It has a good vibe and keeps my head bobbing and my foot tapping. This is only a small taste of what's to come from Drizzy, so I can only imagine that there will be more quality material leaked in the coming days, weeks, and months. Anyways, here's the track-- it's produced by Tha Bizness, who also produced Young Money's "Every Girl." Check the link below to get that new new.

14 July 2009

Nike Sirus Windrunner

First off, everybody still rocking hoodies with the all over print: you're whack. Those were pretty cool back in 04 when Bape was on the come up in the States. But, there's still hope, my friends. Boost your swag with this classic Nike Windrunner. They're killing it with the elephant print and the original colorways. Take notes. That's all. 

New: Skyzoo - The Beautiful Decay (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

I've been up on Skyzoo for a couple years now and I have been wondering why he hasn't been put on yet. He been working with 9th Wonder, who is arguably one of the best producers in the game at the moment (not quite on Primo's level). They even put out a joint album called Cloud 9: The 3 Day High, which is a dope dope album. It really captures the essence of a hip hop album: one artist, one producer, one distinct sound, one direction. Thank God they're back at it again. They are truly are a breath of fresh air with Skyzoo's smooth flow over 9th's boom bap beat. Ahhhh... hip hop at its purest is a pretty thing isn't it? The name of the new album is The Salvation and it drops August 25th. Check the link to peep the leak. 

13 July 2009

From Way Back: KRS-One - The Sound of Da Police

This song goes hard. KRS-One was and still is one of the most lyrically deft and conscious rappers out. I've been bumpin' this in the Ac Coupe for the past week or so. As you may or may not know, I don't really get along with cops. I know they are there to protect and serve, but I don't get that vibe whenever a cop is around me. I feel like they're out to get me. Do you ever get that feeling? Like when a cop pulls up next to you on the road that anything you do they'll flick their lights on and get you for some stupid technicality. Maybe I'm just paranoid because I drive recklessly sometimes and wish every road was the Autobahn. If you're feeling this joint feel free to check the link below.

JAYDIOHEAD: Jay-Z x Radiohead Mixtape Mashup

No tricks here-- this is Jay-Z vocals over Radiohead beats. I don't typically venture out into the alternative rock genre but a collaboration like this is definitely worth hearing. The first Jay-Z x Raidohead mixtape was released earlier this year and garnered successful reviews by many accounts. This is a follow up encore edition with five new tracks. "Reckoner's Encore" is crazy. Check the link below.

12 July 2009

Dress Like the Guys From Entourage

Tonight is the big night. Entourage season 6 premiere at 10:30 EST on HBO. The good people over at Complex Magazine recently came up with a guide to dress like your favorite character from the hit TV show. Click here to get the essentials. 

09 July 2009

Ryan Leslie x Rick Ross

I believe this was a track that was supposed to be on Ross's latest album, Deeper Than Rap, which by the way is one of the best albums to come out so far in 2009. Ryan Leslie, for those of you who aren't familiar, is a super producer based out of New York. He was the brains behind Cassie's smash hit "Me & U" among other production credits from Diddy's camp. He is quickly and quietly making his way up to the top of the music industry with his smooth and sultry R&B melodies. A good friend of mine, K-Quick, is working with him closely and learning the tricks of the trade-- He is also on his come up and is one of the best kept secrets in the music industry.  Check out his Myspace page here and/or you can follow him on Twitter @KQuicktheWriter

JoeBuddenTV: How Soon Is 2 Soon To Call?

This video had me out of breathe I was laughing so hard. Joe Budden is too funny: "It's fucked up. Technology is taking over. You just refer to niggas by they Twitter names" (@julianpatterson by the way-- follow me on Twitter). So the question is how soon is too soon? I think my man Freq waited wayy too long to get at the girl from the airplane. I wold have called her by Sunday afternoon to set up a dinner date on Tuesday/wednesday, so that come Friday/Saturday everything would be set up. That's how I would have operated. Joey was right when he said that Freq waited too long-- it just allows other dudes to get in and holler at her. Gentlemen, watch this video so you know exactly how NOT to handle this particular situation. Peace.

08 July 2009

"Paper Bag" by Chanel

This bag is hilariously dope! How many of those black and white Chanel bags do you see in the city? That's right, too many! And most of them are fake to boot. Honestly, this bag is creative and would get more looks than the cookie cutter factory bags that every spoiled suburban girl walks around with. Seriously though. Having a closet of grossly overpriced designer rags doesn't exactly equate to having swag. This brown paper bag has got some swag in it, albeit of a different kind, but swag nonetheless. I'm not knocking a girl with a nice bag. All I'm saying is that I'm tired of seeing a pack of girls all rocking the same bag, with the same Uggs/ballet flats/Rainbows, with the same True's/Seven's/Citizen's/ Paige Premium's, and with the same Forever 21 top. Her bag > your bag, which also means her swag >> your swag. Ladies, time to switch the style up.

DJ Double-O Challenges Asher Roth To A Drinking Contest

DJ Double-O, one half of Kidz In the Hall, gets at Asher Roth in a recent backstage interview. Not just "beer pong" (the name of the game is Beirut actually-- get it right), but flip cup, and other classic college drinking games. I think Asher would take ruit and Double-O would take flip cup. Rubber match... I say 21 cup, but that's just my personal preference. I'd love to get on the table with these guys and show them how the NESCAC gets it in (Double-O went to UPenn and Asher went to Westchester). So, I guess the gaunlet has been thrown down. Will Ash Roth accept?

07 July 2009

MSTRKRFT Featuring John Legend - Heartbreaker

This is a pretty cool music video from the club rockers MSTRKRFT. A pretty simple, yet interesting concept-- no special effects, no over the top madness, etc. Definitely a refreshing video. Plus the song is nice as hell. Check it out.

06 July 2009

Random Thoughts

So, this past weekend was a fun weekend as many Americans gathered together to celebrate out country's independence from the British colonies. On Saturday night I went out with a few friends to partake in the festivities. We had a fun night for the most part-- drinking x dancing x drunken wandering x [insert illicit weekend exploit here].  But, the one thing that stuck out in my mind was how incredibly douchebaggy frat guys are. I've been to many places and met a lot of people, but wow frat guys take the cake. 

My friends and I were on the rooftop at some lame, have-so-much-money-i-spend-it-all-on-coke, MIT frat house on Beacon St. So, when we get up to rooftop, a skinny white boy wearing a blue "GoGreek" t-shirt approaches us and asks us if we know a "brother." We responded, "No." Now at this point I thought everything was cool and that he would have just left us alone because we were being model party guests (we took two beers total, Miller Light to be exact, and pretty much kept to ourselves and didn't bother mingling with the other random guests). But no, this kid says to us in his best Bill Lumberg voice, "well yeahhhh... I'm gonna ask that you leave. If you want I can show you out through the house." 

So now I want to slap this kid in his face for being so condescending and an overall asshole to me and my friends. But I decided against it because 3 guys can't possibly take down a whole frat house unless you are a Spartan from 300 or Chuck Norris. So, we kept our drinks and walked 10 feet to the next rooftop, where the people were nicer and better looking.

Immediately after the fireworks, we left the lameness of that particular frat area and made our way over to another MIT frat house cross the bridge in Cambridge where we were allowed entrance and proceeded up the stairs to yet another rooftop party. Despite the fact that they had run out of alcohol, the party was poppin'. So I'm going downstairs with one of my boys to see if we can find some alcohol when I run into a friend from COLBY, who had just recently graduated. I was talking to him for a minute or two when some frat bro with a fake Kid Robot t-shirt on and messed up hairline approaches me and asks me if I know a "brother." I said no, but my friend from COLBY was staying with another kid from COLBY who was living there for the summer. So the COLBY kid who was staying in the frat house for the summer, with whom I share many mutual friends and know decently well, comes out and I quickly explain that the homie with the whammin' haircut was harassing me about knowing a "brother." This COLBY kid, who was the runner-up in the 2009 Mr. COLBY contest, looks at me and asks, "How did you get here?" I responded "I drove into the city, parked my car, and walked here." Then he says, "Well, I only know you from Colby. Sorry, man" and leaves. I'm sitting there thinking to myself, "That was some cold shit. He really dipped it on me for real." So the frat bro gets a couple of his boys to escort me out. More senseless drama ensues and we all end up leaving.

I mean you have got to be kidding me. Between being asked if I know a "brother" about a dozen times and the COLBY kid who totally left me out to dry, I was tight. Actually, I was beyond tight. Really though, some people need to act correctly and ask themselves, "am I being an asshole?" Being respectful and considerate goes a long way. Don't be a cocky, pompous, have-had-everything-given-to-me-in-life asshole. Don't.

New: Wale - Pretty Girls

Wale x Lindsay

Here is another track off of Wale's forthcoming album, Attention:Deficit. I'm definitely feeling this joint. The go-go drums are the business, always tight. Wale is one of those artists where his lyrics aren't lost in the beat. You'll notice that a lot of major artists are carried by their beats and a couple catchy bars in the hook. However, I've come to realize that Wale can carry a whole song with his unique rhyme style and polished delivery. Check the link below for new ish from D.C.

03 July 2009

Junya Wantanabe Spring 2010 Men's Collection

Quicksilver Diamond Dobby Boardshorts

I was shopping for some new boardshorts today when I came across these on the Quicksilver website. They incorporate the Diamond Dobby technology that essentially gets rid of the chaffing of ordinary shorts. Guys, don't you hate that? Well now you don't have to constantly fix your junk all the time when you get out the water. AND, they come in some pretty cool colorways, so you'll be stylin on everyone at the beach. Fellas, if you haven't been gettin' it poppin' with the ladies yet, then these will definitely boost your beach swag x10 for the second half of the summer. 

02 July 2009

Freestyle Battle: Rone vs Elagle

Damn... big homie Rone went in on little man. Hands down, no question Rone clowned this cat with punch line after punch line, delivery, flow, vernacular, wordplay-- "Just be happy you didn't catch me tomorrow." BOOP BOOP. Deadened. 

Drake - Best I Ever Had

This video sucks. It doesn't connect to the content of the song at all. When I listen to this song I don't envision Drake being the coach of an all girls basketball team, who oh by the way have absurdly large breasts. Really? This flop of a video was directed by Kanye West. I know, I know... a few posts back I talked about how Kanye West had some of the most creative and interesting videos out, but he doesn't direct his own videos I don't think. And if he does indeed direct his own videos then he does a hell of a lot better job on his than Drake's. Oh well... I guess this isn't the end of the world I suppose. At least Drake is paid-- $4 million deal with Young Money Records. Recession what?