14 June 2009

Will.i.am Interview

Will.iam is definitely one of the more interesting people in the music business. He has his hand in a lot of different things, from performing to producing to DJing to political activism to philanthropy. There should be more people like him in music industry because he is down to earth (sometimes), creative, and he puts a lot of thought into his craft. Some might knock him because BEP are a pop act now, but I look at it this way: music is always changing. If you are originally a a hip hop group and you venture out into different genres, then more power to you. There shouldn't be any limits on creativity and like Will.i.am said, there shouldn't be any rules. Of course there are exceptions like some people simply cannot and should use auto-tune. In my opinion, I don't think Wayne should come out with a rock album. Yes, Wayne wants to push the boundaries and test the waters in the rock genre, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it's quality music. And if it's not quality, then why potentially tarnish your reputation as a quality artist? Anyways, so basically what I'm saying is that creativity should not result in music that is of lesser quality. 

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