10 June 2009

New: Super Mash Bros. - Kisses & Thugs

Super Mash Bros. are at it again and they are bringing the heat with this new track, which is off their forthcoming mashup album, All About the Scrillions. Their current, most recent mashup album, Fuck Bitches. Get Euros., which can be downloaded for free at lazerwolf.com, is pretty dope. Their sound is self-described as "Girl Talk's hot cousin," which is pretty accurate in my opinion.  While they are a mashup duo, and it is easy to jumble all of the mashup artists together, I believe that they all have a distinct sound. Girl Talk chops a lot of samples and is more calculated in his approach to a mashup, whereas Super Mash Bros. let samples of all the classics from your friend's Bar or Bat Mitzvah ride out to create a crazy mix that'll keep the party bouncing for 45 minutes. Check out the link below to download at your leisure. 

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