14 June 2009

Mos Def Interview with Angie Martinez

First off, Mos Def is one of the realest emcees out. Yeah the music industry in all about making money, but what ever happened to artistic aspect of music? What ever happened to the battle? What ever happened to the friendly competitive environment? Nowadays everyone is claiming to be the greatest rapper alive, everyone is claiming to be better than the next man, little emcees are taking shots at the alpha males. It's complete chaos. So if every rapper is poppin off at the mouth saying that they are the best at their craft, then why not prove it. If you are indeed the best rapper out, then battling should not be an issue. Mos Def and Joe Budden are the only rappers out right now who wanna bring it back to the battle. They are the only emcees who believe in their skills and lyricism to actually want to battle other rappers in a public forum. I don't know about you but I would pay to see Mos and Jay battle it out. 

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