11 June 2009

Manchester United Accepts $131 M Bid For Cristiano Ronaldo

.... and to the victor goes the spoils. Real Madrid of the Spanish Primera Divison was successful in their relentless pursuit of  the Portuguese goal scoring machine. Earlier today, the famous football club, Manchester United, accepted a $131 M for Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the reigning World Player of the Year. You may be asking why let your crown jewel go to a rival European club such as Real Madrid? The answer is that $131 M is a lot of money and Manchester United has reportedly spiraled close to $1 Billion in debt. With the financial compensation for Ronaldo, Manchester United can potentially reload with less expensive talent from around Europe. 

The deal is not 100% official, but Real Madrid and Ronaldo are hammering out the details and logistics of the transfer. Matters are expected to be concluded by June 30. Last summer Ronaldo expressed that going to Real Madrid would be a "dream move." Surely Mardid has to be the odds on favorite to bring home the Champions League title with addition of Ronaldo as well as recent $92 M signing, Brazilian star central mindfielder and 2007 World Player of the Year, Ricardo Kaka. 

Here is what $131 M gets you:

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