07 June 2009

Jay-Z - D.O.A. [Death of Auto-tune]

For the past couple days there have been radio rips and unmastered versions of Jay-Z's new single, "D.O.A." Finally the mastered, CDQ version has been leaked and you can now download it for your personal enjoyment. 

I like the record. I don't love it. Jay definitely goes in on artists who use auto-tune as a crutch. Leave auto-tune to the professionals like T-Pain, Weezy, and Yeezy. Sorry Ron Browz. It's about time that artists step their game up and stop relying on a computer program to make them sound like a foolish robot. Where is the substance and craftmanship? If done correctly, real hip hop can sell. BIG did it with Juicy, Hov with Hard Knock Life, Public Enemy with Fight the Power, and A Tribe Called Quest with Award Tour. Maybe hip hop is evolving so quickly that we will never experience an era like that ever again. Hopefully artists like Wale, Drake, and Kidz in the Hall will take the torch and run with it and restore order and fix the current state of hip hop. 

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