23 June 2009

Good Ol' Blue Eyes

Today I wanted to switch it up and listen to something other than ultra-hyper mashups, super synthy hip hop, and auto-tune. I guess I could have dug way back and listened to Illmatic or Reasonable Doubt for the thousandth time, or taken it back to Earth Wind & Fire, or even busted out Babylon By Bus, but no. I decided to listen to good ol' blue eyes, Mr. Frank Sinatra. I almost forgot how classic his music is. Sure, there were many musicians in the same genre during his time, but none of them could match his swagger. If he could see the state of rhythm and blues today, I bet my bottom dollar he'd be turing in his grave. Anyways, here are some of my favorite Sinatra tracks. Check the links below to cop the swagg. 

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