03 June 2009

First Entry

Asher Roth

Milkman (mashup artist from UCSB)

Super Mash Bros. (mashup duo from L.A.)

This is my first entry in the blogging world. I don't really know how it works but I'm gonna give it a try. It's the beginning of summer 2009 and I am waiting to hear back from some internships in the Boston and upstate New York area. So, I've got some time on my hands. So anyways, the other day I was looking up booking fees for available performers in the fall. Colby College Live Music Committee is lacking in their ability to choose the right entertainment for a college event. Girl Talk and Lupe Fiasco, yes. Guster and Cake, no. While I respect Guster and other band of the genre's craft and artistry, I do not believe that type of music is the best option for a college concert. In my opinion, a college concert should incorporate two essential components: 1. alcohol and 2. dancing. This is what Colby fails to realize. Artists like Ben Kweller and State Radio are "cool," but are they really the best option for the college setting? I know that the college operates under a strict budget, but it is not difficult to find quality music at a reasonable price. So without further ado, here is a list of various musical acts and their booking fees according to concertideas.com:

Asher Roth - $20,000
Clipse - $10-15,000
Drake - $7500- 10,000
Joe Budden - $15,000
Kid Cudi - $10,000
Murs - $7500
The Cool Kids - $10,000

Other artists include Super Mash Bros. and Milkman. They are in the same genre of music as Girl Talk but much better in my opinion (and at a much more reasonable price). 

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  1. jules,

    I hate to nitpick/bitch about criticism leveled at SPB as a whole, or CLM more specifically, (there's too much of it/ for too many reasons/ by too many people/ who have too many selfish interests) but, as I'm taking over CLM next year, I feel like i should throw in my 2 cents.

    Here's one factor you're missing in your calculation of the "2 essentials" to any college concert: not everyone at school is like you. There are all sorts of kids who want all sorts of shows, and though common, lupe, and girltalk appealed to a lot of us, a good fuckin' proportion of the school was pissed off by the saturation of hip hop. thats why I try not to get in the middle of this shit... cuz person a want hip hop, person b wants country, and person c wants house music... what the fuck! Not everyone is gonna have a similar choice/ taste in live music and as a body accountable to all students (not just those who share our personal tastes) we have to bring various artists from different genres.

    Now, as far as my musical taste goes, I am like you... well sorta.

    Asher Roth is a fuckin' no talent blumpkin whose career deserves to be flushed.

    joe budden is a hack mc who got lucky with 'pump it up'

    drake doesnt have talent... like if your lookin for a good artist in that price range it takes 5 seconds and a fuckin google search to find somethign better... seriously hes like lil wayne minus great production, hilarious lyrics, and a unique sound (aka he aint shit)

    kid cudi just isnt that good either (dont worry about my criticism of these artists cuz the good parts coming up)... seriously cudi is riding GOOD MUSIC and kanyes coat tail to success, but hes contrived... like its a joke to even try and take him seriously

    so now we have a few left... cool kids..the bake sale was fire... admitted...*mind you CLM put an offer on them a year before that album came out...anyways they declined cuz who the fuck wants to come to maine... undetered we tried again last year (when their price went up another 5K...all for the love of alcohol and dancing as you put it)...anyways they werent having it

    better yet, their latest lp is a bucket of shit so it doesnt even matter, they arent worth it at this point

    murs is legit...and granted he played LA twice at rock the bells (opening and closing), Im sure hed do fine at colby, but again murs an LA act doesnt just cost 7500, a number with not real world significance... because in order to get him we also have to fly him (his crew usually like 4 extra guys out)... now the current recession has helped... cheaper flights... still add that shit up and you are shelling anothing 5 grand when you add in the cost of keeping them in waterville and then flying them back

    I'm glad you brought up clipse... i fuckin love clipse... honestly ive wanted them at school since freshman year, and thats prolly the only artist of your list that feasible and makes sense at colby

    BUT, once again, remember that you (me, and the rest of us who indulge in alcohol and dancing) arent the only ones at Colby looking to have a good time...

    i heard from a number of people that guster was great and they really enjoyed it...and though i dont find guster that interesting im happy they had fun...

    anyways check out Polarbearneckwear.blogspot.com ... thats where ive been putting the music im listening to lately, ive been trying to keep it nice and eclectic so as to cover all bases and make sure everyones happy

    good hunting & keep it real


    ps. if you really want to dance that badly, just take a lil E before any show you go to...theyll all be fun that way...psyche (i think id get in trouble with SPB if i actually advised you to do that)