25 June 2009

Death Of A King

Earlier this evening, Michael Jackson, one of the greatest entertainers to ever live, was pronounced dead in Los Angeles at the age of 50. It is indeed a sad day, as his music reached across racial lines and bridged the gap between generations. No modern R&B artist will see or enjoy the success MJ had. His second solo album, Thriller, has sold 28 million units to date according to the RIAA, the second highest selling album of all-time. 

While I wholeheartedly respect his accomplishments in the music industry, I do not support nor do I condone what Michael Jackson chose to do in his private life-- the child molestation, dozens of plastic surgeries, skin lightening, etc. 

Nonetheless, he was a household name for good reasons (and bad) and consistently produced quality music, one hit after the next, throughout his career. Here is my favorite Michael Jackson song of all time. Check the link below to listen to a classic.

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