26 June 2009

Asher Roth Kicks a Freestyle On HOT97

I have to give it to the big homie Asher for doing this. How many artists do this? How many artists put down the blackberry with the side scroll (Drake) and spit it off the top like this? He's not rhyming like Nas on Illmatic, but he still busts it off. Every time an emcee jumps on a beat live on the radio and kicks a "freestyle," it's all prewritten material. It's all crazy wordplay and complex rhyme schemes... come on. I respect Ash for stepping up and delivering, especially on such a large platform with all of New York listening... you gotta give it up for the kid even if you don't like his music. Which of your favorite rappers would willingly spit a free off the top of the head on the radio, on Funkmaster Flex in NY? Props to Mr. I Love College.

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